Highlighting & restoring a backcountry trail network through the Caribou-Targhee National Forest.


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Please signup if you plan on volunteering. It will help us plan for the weekend and get you post work elixirs and food.

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August 15 – 16, 2020

Work Party

Each year we choose a section of backcountry singletrack to focus our efforts on. These are established trails with existing tread that primarily need clearing and rehabilitation. We aim to maintain the characteristics of the trail throughout the process. This year we will be working on a remote section of trail in the Palisades Ranger District.


2020 Project: Thompson Pk

We will be rehabilitating existing tread and re-routing steep, eroded sections of trail. We will be working closely with the Palisades Ranger District.

Dates: Saturday August 15 & Sunday August 16


  • Meet at the TH @ 8:00am
  • Bike in to Hunts Corral @ 8:30am – About a 2K climb/1.5hrs
  • Work our way up Thompson Peak. Tools will be transported in and out of Hunts Corral by the Palisades Ranger district.
  • Bike out @ 4:00pm (subject to change)
  • BBQ, beers, camp vibes @ 5:30pm (subject to change)

Camping: This is a 2 day event, but feel free to come up for just one of the days. If you decide to stay overnight we will be setting up base camp at the Upper Rainey Creek TH. It’s an easy spot for car camping, has a creek to wash off in and a vault toilet.

What to bring:

  • Camping gear
  • Your bike and bike/work clothes. You will only need to carry your personal gear for the day. All tools/equipment will be transported by the Palisades Ranger District.
  • Food and water for the morning and day. We also have post work beers and dinner covered (only for folks who have signed up).
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Work gloves
  • Good vibes

We ask that you promote safe and educated participation

Please consult the CDC website “Symptoms of Coronavirus” on the day of your participation. The following link is updated by the CDC

 If you are sick or suspect that you may be ill, PLEASE STAY HOME.

We will maintain a list of participants in any case that contact tracing be necessary. This list will not be made public but will aid participants should any participant later be diagnosed with COVID-19. 

All plans are subject to change based on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will be respecting all CDC, National, State, and Local recommendations. Here are the basic facts all of our plans are built around:

  • Our number one priority will always be the safety of our volunteers and event participants.
  • All decisions will be made based on that, not what is convenient.
  • Regardless of current health challenges, our focus is always on the safety of everyone involved in MBT volunteer opportunities. All tools will be disinfected between uses, and we’ll make sure everyone is practicing physical distancing. Participants will be required to sign a waiver including a clause identifying event contingency plans.
  • As of June 1, 2020, our volunteer opportunities are cleared to resume operations as long as they function under best practices. Below is a breakdown of actions we’ll be making to the programs in light of that.

Risk Management

Risk management has always been an essential part of MBT volunteer opportunities, even when we’re not faced with a global pandemic, the goal has always been to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Minimizing Contact

We will continue to follow whatever social distancing best practices are recommended by state and local officials. We will work to keep at least 6′ apart. Family members or household companions are encouraged to participate and will not be required to keep a physical distance. We recommend participants avoid carpooling when possible. We will be flexible to make additional arrangements for high-risk participants and families. If you are sick or suspect that you may be ill, PLEASE STAY HOME.

Participants will be provided a disinfected tool to utilize for the day and participants will be instructed not to share that tool. All tools will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after use.

We will organize volunteers into groups of 5-6. Each group will be assigned a number and will remain together for the duration of their work. Group will work in a zone identified by MBT Trail Crew members and identified by numbered pin flags that correspond with their assigned group number.

This year we WILL NOT provide gloves so as not to share. Participants should bring their own gloves for work. Gloves are required.

Post-work trailhead gathering in numbers over those ordered by Idaho or Wyoming officials will not be permitted. Please provide your own water. We will provide pre-wrapped Kate’s Bars but we suggest you bring your own snacks.

Medical Contingency

In the event that we do have an injury that is not threatening to life, limb or a head injury, a MBT Trail Crew member will assess the participant while wearing mask and gloves, determine the treatment necessary to manage the injury and/or manage the injury and enact the support of higher medical care if needed.

In field treatment will follow best practices of BSI (body substance isolation), gloves, mask and eye protection to prevent the contact of body fluids and or aerosolized particles associated with COVID-19.

Hand Washing

In order to promote a virus-free environment, each volunteer session will have hand sanitizer available for anyone to use.

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