The Carriboo Jack

Riders, gliders, raconteurs and lovers, hold witness to a most excellent adventure that is the Carriboo Jack.


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The Race

2020 Race Update: As COVID-19 has had a pretty big impact on things, we have decided to postpone the Carriboo Jack until August 2021. A lot went into this decision and we batted around a number of different scenarios and contingency plans but ultimately liability insurance changes, USFS permit changes, partner sponsor priorities, etc. steered us in this direction.


Of course, we’re bummed but this was the right decision for us to make. We will engage in a few rad trail days for the summer surrounding the event and go even bigger in 2021. We’ll keep you posted on any updates in the meantime.


Feel free to contact us with any questions:

P. Cort Muller
P. Cort Muller
P. Mitch Prissel
P. Mitch Prissel
Work Parties

Each year we choose a section of backcountry singletrack to focus our efforts on. These are established trails with existing tread that primarily need clearing and rehabilitation. We aim to maintain the characteristics of the trail throughout the process. This year we will be working on a remote section of trail in the Palisades Ranger District. 

2019 Carriboo Jack

Recaps & Results