The Carriboo Jack
The Carriboo Jack
September 11-12 2020

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2019 Carriboo Jack – Day One

The Greatest Hits Tour

Like a bird of prey, the anticipation soared high. Riders, gliders, raconteurs, and lovers from near and far gathered together that morning with no idea how their story would unfold.

2019 Carriboo Jack – Day Two

An Aquarian Exposition

Come rest your legs by the fire and listen to the tale of the few brave souls who ventured into the wild that second day. Those present will tell you a new chapter was written, Dirt Church was in session.

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The Carriboo Jack is a grassroots enduro race through the Caribou-Targhee backcountry. Our mission is to blend the right amount of trail work, group shenanigans and enduro racing to create an unforgettable two-wheeled experience. The event is part of our larger mission in highlighting and restoring a backcountry trail network through the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. We are a branch of Mountain Bike the Tetons and work closely with the USFS and other community partners.

Donations go to restoring trails in and around Teton Valley. 

Volunteers help make The Carriboo Jack possible.

We are always looking to build partnerships.